Sew much fun!

I visited Suzi and Allie at Sweetpeas this afternoon. I finally got the chance to work on my press kit for the my NY showroom, Point A . Since my sewing machine and serger that I had on order just arrived today, I went by Sewing Arts Center after I finished up at Sweetpeas. I picked up my wonderful machines and could not wait to sew up my press pages. Since we do a lot of our shirts by hand, I haven't touched my Bernina sewing machine in a long time (I got it for graduating from high school over 10 years ago)! So I got a Viking Huskystar C10 and I love it already. I am waiting to take my very first serger out of the box because I must gain enough patience to try and figure it out. My first class isn't until mid-March. I did a couple zig zag stitches on my Woman's World press, which features our Snow Bunny Zip Hoodie, available at Queen Bee.
Quote of the day:
"There is no time like the present, and no present like time."
Oh and I love this blogging thing and everyone's comments are just making it even more fun! Thanks for visiting!