Hand stitched greetings

When it comes to sending out cards, I always feel like I am behind. I thought I would get ahead of the game by creating these cards using the best white pen ever – also known as the Uni Ball Signo. I hand wrote some sentiments and could have really kept them as is, but decided it would be more interesting if they were also hand-stitched.
20140720-224712-82032619.jpgAfter poking the holes and using a back-stitch, here’s how it looked.20140720-224623-81983041.jpgThe only issue was the back looked messy. Of course I could have just adhered some pretty patterned paper down to cover it up, but I chose something a bit more personal.20140720-224623-81983723.jpgThanks to my latest order from Persnickety Prints, I simply used the photo taken of us at Olivia’s house and stuck it right inside.20140720-224626-81986064.jpg20140720-224624-81984405.jpgA fun, personalized greeting ready to pop into the mail!

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  1. Evelin says:

    Oh, I love the idea of putting a photo to cover up the stitching ‘mess’ at the back :) I wanted to try stitching on cards for quite a while and what put me off was the ‘mess’ that it will leave behind.. haha..I was thinking of using patterned paper initially but a photo is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing :)


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