On my table

amy's deskFor some reason, I have been getting the days mixed up a lot recently. Last week, my 5 for Friday post went up on Thursday, until someone commented and alerted me to the blunder. Then when I thought I had this “workspace Wednesday” post all ready to go yesterday, it didn’t go up at all. It had been scheduled for the 6th instead of the 5th. Ay yi yi. Anyway, here is how my desk looks this morning as well, since I was out of the office for most of the day yesterday anyway. Back to work today with lots of paper projects in the works!

Plane and frame embroidery from this kit | Two Peas in a Bucket exclusive 2×2 wood cards |¬†Two Peas in a Bucket exclusive quote wood card | Elle’s Studio stamp set

7 Responses to On my table

  1. Deborah A says:

    Uh oh you have baby brain hehe I always tell people that when you have an infant in your house they take over part of your brain half the time you don’t know what day it is or where you are lol I think you are handling all of this with grace your projects have been awesome! Oh and don’t worry eventually the baby brain issue works itself out so just hang there and have a great day!


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