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You may notice a pretty consistent theme this month with all my Office Hours projects… they all feature Jack. I just couldn’t help it. What I really love about the Studio Calico PL kits in general is that they truly are helping me stay on track (well, reasonably anyway – let’s just say I don’t feel too behind). Also, it makes me realize that if I do want to play quick catch up, it’s fairly easy to do so, even with a limited amount of time – while Jack naps, for example. I am spending less time worrying about how each week fits together, and just going with it. My newest problem is actually having too many photos from to sift through. These couple weeks’ photos were printed by Persnickety Prints – I have found that printing the same photo both in 3×4 and 4×6 is really the way to go, especially since I can always hand off the pictures I don’t use to family members. Then I don’t have to fret about not having the right size. And if I find myself missing a particular photo, I can use my Epson XP-950 Wireless Photo Printer. Using the Project Life main kit only:Amy Tangerine Project LifeAmy Tangerine Project LifeHere’s a spread utilizing the Project Life kit & Report add-on, where I used a photo for the title card. Ann-Marie Espinoza took some photos of Jack that are absolutely irresistible. There was stitching involved because it’s something I can plan out ahead of time. It’s therapeutic while we sit on the sofa and watch tv in the evenings.Amy Tangerine Project LifeAmy Tangerine Project Life Amy Tangerine Project LifeNow for the Office Hours Scrapbook kits. Using only the main kit, I created 2 layouts, this one and the one at the bottom of the post (along with the video). At first I wasn’t sure about including floral patterns in a layout for a boy, but then I got over it really quickly after seeing how good it looks.
Amy Tangerine | Studio Calico Office Hours And as you can see, I went a bit overboard (sorry buddy) and managed to use the fantastic floral paper that I am just crazy about as a background for this layout using the main and add-ons. Baby photobooth pics (taken with the Pocketbooth app printed with the Epson XP-950 Wireless Photo Printer) might be my newest obsession. The app also offers a print & ship option for $1.99 a strip. Amy Tangerine | Studio Calico Office HoursUsing only the To Do add-on (my favorite), I created this layout. Amy Tangerine | Studio Calico Office HoursAmy Tangerine | Studio Calico Office HoursHere’s a little video showing how this Main kit only layout came together

You can see all my Office Hours projects here.

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20 Responses to Studio Calico Office Hours

  1. Cathy L. says:

    Love your layouts and always love seeing how they come together! Especially enjoyed opening your kit “with you”!

    • Amy says:

      Haha, I was SO tempted to open it before I shot the video, but it was good motivation to get the tripod set up and to just make a page right away. Opening the kits is really like Christmas each month!

  2. Monica F, says:

    Thanks for sharing the specifics of how you print your photos & how-to’s for PL. I have the supplies but struggle with the most efficient way to get the photos accomplished & printed. Thank you!

  3. Heather says:

    If I were to get the Pocketbooth app, where could I get my photos printed? I do not have a photo printer. (Sorry if this is a dumb question). Also, I love your layouts!

  4. Juliana hall says:

    I love these layouts. I love your stitching accents everywhere! After seeing these layouts I had to get this Studio Calico kit. I can’t way to play with it. You’ve inspired me to do some stitching on my next layout! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  5. Kathy Rohe says:

    What is that beautiful floral paper in the photobooth layout? I love it and can’t find it in any of the SC kits or add ons.


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