Jack’s first gallery experience

20140223-163129.jpgJC and I had originally intended on visiting David Kordansky Gallery for the William E. Jones exhibit on one of our date nights last month, but the time slipped away from us. Just before closing on the last day (2.22) we all got in and checked it out. Jack’s 5 months old so we figured it was about time to take him to look at some art. His jabbering echoed rather loudly in the space, and from what we could tell, he enjoyed it. As did we.20140223-163053.jpg20140223-163103.jpg

4 Responses to Jack’s first gallery experience

  1. Blayne White says:

    We took both our kids to galleries all the time as babies/toddlers/kids and love that they grew up appreciating art and knowing how to behave in a gallery. Cool exhibit!


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