Instant Gratification

Instax Mini 90Oh how I loved having this Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic at my Plus One booth. Although I have the Instax Mini 7S as well as the Fujifilm INSTAX 210 WIDE, there is just something so refreshing about the design of the newest one.20140115-111658.jpg20140115-111757.jpg20140115-111743.jpg20140115-111712.jpg20140115-111727.jpgApparently there is also a self-timer and other cool editing options built in that I have yet to explore. And the quality of the photos? So good. Definitely better than before. It takes the same Fujifilm Mini Film. The pictures come out sharper, and the camera actually captures the image you see through the viewfinder. The older mini model was slightly shifted, so you had to cheat the camera a little to the right. Or was it the left? In any case, I think they have perfected the art of instant gratification with this retro, yet sleek Mini 90.

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  1. April Joy says:

    OMG!!!! I am totally geeking out because that’s ME on your blog! Hehe! Ahhh.. :) Thank you, Amy, for the make-and-take booklet, the instax photo, and just for being so genuinely nice to your fangirls like me! :) I hope you come back to San Diego, so I can take another class from you!


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