5 for Friday – Jan 24

20140124-100340.jpg1. Saw this quote floating around Instagram and felt the need to write it down. But I was away from paper, so I took a screen shot of it and then when I got to my little notebook, I jotted it down yesterday, which coincidentally was National Handwriting Day.

2. Love the new show Broad City. Almost exactly a year ago, we were fortunate enough to see the girls perform at Upright Citizens Brigade (part of the reason I love Project Life, I had the perfect place to put the sticker). They were downright hilarious and did all kinds of dance moves. So happy to see them getting the success they deserve.

3. I plan on making this soup sometime soon.

4. Our talented paper crafter/multi-tasker friend, Cathy, blogged about her trip to CES. Lots of interesting gadgets coming our way soon. Going to be saving my pennies.

5. Cathy Murai shared this gorgeous photo of her new little assistant. camera_cathyYou can get our onesies on Etsy and on our website.

7 Responses to 5 for Friday – Jan 24

  1. Robin Gibson says:

    Sooooo crazy! I love checking in on your blog:) And today, this quote??? Well, I JUST wrote my letter of resignation, for a job I have not loved for awhile now, in a field I’ve worked in for 30+ years now, but have become so very frustrated with, in large part that I cannot change anything about what’s happening in it. So, it’s time to let go. And I just did. (Well, will have, once I’ve worked my last day). Still, what feels like the weight of the world, has just lifted off my shoulders, and while there is much emotion behind it, it is a truly happy moment for me.
    So, to see this here, makes me feel that much better about my decision!

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing Cathy’s trip to CES. My husband goes as he is a design mechanical engineer. I’ve gone with him in the past, and now I will insist on going again. It’s great to see what is being developed. Also, that “assistant” T is awesome!


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