Five for Friday

1. Some of the Garden Girls at Two Peas made me the cutest mini book. Many of the supplies come from my latest collection Cut & Paste. So many handmade touches and details put together perfectly so I can easily slide photos into it. Very excited to get my next order from Persnickety Prints to start filling it up.Cut & Paste mini book2. Not that I have a whole lot of time for books, I am making my way through a few good ones – slowly but surely. As recommended by others, I read parts of On Becoming Baby Wise that I thought applied to me and got a lot out of it. But it took me weeks. And I am still reading Bringing Up Bébé 2 pages a night if I’m lucky. Once I finish that, I’m adding Gilt Trip (A Scrapbooking Mystery) to my list.
3. My mom made me a delicious lunch this week and I got to eat it while it was still hot! It was a turkey, cheddar and blue cheese melt. Accompanying it was Trader Joe’s Creamy Tomato Soup sprinkled with white pepper. Dip worthy and delicious. A nearly perfect fall lunch, if only it were a bit healthier.4. Thank you all so much for the comments on the more recent personal posts. Often I go back and forth with the amount I want to share about the details of our lives. I realize it’s all about balance and appreciate you all taking the time to engage and contribute to the conversation. When I began blogging years ago, I created it for myself as a way to document whatever was on my mind. Now I realize that more and more people are reading this. It’s now more of a platform for sharing and keeping in touch with so many people around the world. And I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my home. Oh and the other day as I was walking out of Sprouts Farmers Market with my mom and Jack, someone stopped me and said, “Are you Amy?”. She’s a longtime blog reader and Instagram follower and wasn’t going to say hi, but her (10 year old-ish?) son encouraged her to do so. It really brightened my day and hopefully hers as well. Since actual live personal interaction isn’t likely possible with so many of you, I love that you take the time to stop and say hi here. It’s always fun reading your comments – so thank you!

7 Responses to Five for Friday

  1. glee says:

    love that MT quote! I tell my sons everyday: choose joy & bring joy; make the world one smile better. aloha little mama! (ps my dh is obsessed w/ white pepper, I tell him it’s an ancient Chinese secret.)

  2. Kim Castillo says:

    On tuesday night I was headed into Pappasitos restaurant in Houston, TX, and I saw a big white SUV with a pink and white license plate that read “AMY TAN”. What?? Didn’t really think that, just having had Jack, that you would fly to Houston to see the Long Island Medium. The restaurant is right across from the Reliant Center, and that’s why I was there.
    If you were there don’t even tell me cuz I would have been more excited to see you than Theresa!

  3. Cathy L. says:

    I would love to run into you at a farmers market, though California is not my neighborhood! Funny thing though, Stacy Julian lives not too far from me, and every time I’m in her city, I hope to run into her. Truth be told though, I think I’d be too shy to go up to her and introduce myself!

  4. Paige Evans says:

    I hope you or 2Peas shows more pictures of that book! I’m stoked to see the page I made for you used as the cover! FUN!!

    That grilled cheese and soup does look mighty delicious!


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