Currently obsessed with Sakura Lala

Amy Tan loves Sakura LALAYou know how there are some things you don’t think could get any better? Like washi tape, for example? I mean, I have amassed a ridiculous amount of the sticky stuff and still cannot get enough of it. And just when I thought I was tapering off adding to the collection, in comes camera shaped washi tape! And it’s sold through a brand new online shop based in Hawaii called Sakura Lala. sakuraLALAI love supporting small creative businesses, so when they asked me to help them celebrate their launch with an announcement, I was more than happy to. Take a look around the adorable shop that just opened today! And just for you dear readers, enjoy 10% off for the rest of November with the code: TANGERINE – enjoy!sakuralalaad

6 Responses to Currently obsessed with Sakura Lala

  1. Eri says:

    Thank you soooo much Amy!!!!! You are too sweet!!!! Can’t thank enough both you and your lovely mommy!!! I don’t know how to stop this addiction for washi tapes….!!!! But will promise to seek more cute goodies and share to all crafters out there ;)


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