Thanks for all of your sweet comments about the move. Ironically being pregnant is probably helping to keep me grounded and as level headed as possible. I am trying really hard to relax and understand that this is just a fleeting moment. No sense in getting the blood pressure up when this is all going to work out just fine. The only thing I want going up is my spirits and positive outlook on this whole phase. Do you ever feel like there are times when Pinterest reads your mind? Same here.

6 Responses to reaching

  1. caz hancock says:

    I am so with you girl, I was due to have Lucy 9 weeks after we moved house, though she came early so we were in there 6 weeks when we had her. It totally kept me calm for the move as I knew my body had to cope with it all.

    That said I am a great mover, I was not stressed in the slightest when moving to NZ, I just had lists for everything and went through them. The only time I got stressed was when I could not close my case the night before we left and I sat and cried on top of it LOL, I had to leave a few outfits, but hey look where I live now LOL.

  2. Diamond says:

    What a lovely quote!! time to relax and and no stress everything will turned out just fine…..just remember the sweet little boy who’s ready to arrive in this world and life will be complete and awesome Love xx

  3. Maria Featon says:

    Oh Amy I can certainly relate to that! We moved into our house when I was 30 weeks pregnant. It was very stressful but I tried to look on the bright side… I didn’t have to do any lifting! Have fun nesting now. :)


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