Monday Musings

13_9_16This photo was taken on my iPhone yesterday on my due date. No, I am not sad, I just look that way when I don’t smile. Actually we are all really happy right now. Buster is still extremely cuddly, the baby seems to be in no hurry to make his entrance, and JC and I are just enjoying this whole nesting thing.

While I could do without the swollen hands and feet, it actually gives me some time to pause and relax a bit and let you all know my plans for this blog. Last month I reached out to some amazingly talented and interesting friends to do guest posts here during my brief absence. Since this is my first child, I have no idea how I will feel. Grateful for a wonderful pregnancy for the most part – I want to just make sure I am somewhat prepared for what comes next. The guest posts will start going up on Friday. There will be other scheduled posts in between as well. And yes, I will be sharing the baby news on here and Instagram.

In the meantime, here are some random bits to start off your week.

  • Dogs are really amazing – just another video that proves it.
  • My cousin Cindy sent me this link, which turns out to be a commercial without warning me that I would cry. And boy did I.
  • If Breaking Bad last night didn’t send me into labor, I am not sure what will. Only 2 episodes left of the best show on television. Eeeps.
  • I did a major clean out of the studio yesterday and boxes will go on sale today at noon PST in the shop. The prices will be slightly higher than last week because they are full of more recent, higher priced products.
  • This quote.

  • Silhouette America is offering 25% off storewide today through September 19 using the code: TANGERINE. Please note that this does not apply for the machines, downloads, download cards, gift cards or subscriptions; it only applies to consumables. It’s a good time to stock up on blades and cutting mats! Apply code: TANGERINE at check out to qualify for the discount.

Q&A – thought about doing one of these posts for a while. Can’t guarantee your questions will all get answered, but it will definitely get me thinking on blog topics and sharing for the future. Do you all have any questions for me? Ask away in the comments!

15 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. Catherine says:

    My due date was yesterday too, and still no sign of my little guy. I think he loves to cuddle inside and he’s in no hurry of coming out in the fresh automn air here in Quebec. I’m sending you my best thoughts for a great labor

  2. Donna G. says:

    I love that quote! I think of it frequently. I also think of your designing skills, and I’m checking your blog frequently for your next Amy Tangerine Signature bag! =)

  3. Candy Bryant says:

    Love you Amy! Your posts are always so inspiring. That commercial made me cry too.
    I know Baby Boy will arrive in fine style. You will be so amazed to find out how much your Mom and Dad love you! Can I just give one little hint that will make after delivery so much easier. Stool softener! Sending warm breezes and big hugs. Aloha from Hawaii!!!

  4. Christine N says:

    I have a funny story about my non-smiling face. People think that I’m not happy when I’m not smiling too! I get this a lot from random strangers or acquaintances: “Smile! It’s Friday!”, or “Smile! There’s always coffee!” or something like that. The last time this guy I didn’t even know at work did it to me, I told him that I was totally happy at the moment, actually. I think my default non-smiling face must look frowny to other people, even though I could be totally happy on the inside. I told this to one of my best friends, and she said the same thing happens to her! Especially with strange men making comments. So now I practice a lips-upturned default face to stave off the stupid comments. :D

  5. Kathy Rohe says:

    Amy, I’m so happy for you. Enjoy these last few moments of quiet, your life is about to change in so many wonderful ways. Enjoy the adventure.

  6. Kimberly aka SamsSissy says:

    Sitting here crying too! What a wonderful story!

    Hope you have an easy birth and look forward to pics of your cutie.

  7. Elena says:

    So exciting! just smile and breath! I enjoy your blog and how creative you are! my question would be what is the best way to scrap life events and holidays? can you really do it in one page? or two? or use a whole album? (I have used an album for Christmas every other year) I do not have the patience or the time for project life (2 girls, 2 dogs, a household, school, PTO and various children activities keep me on my toes!)

  8. Tammy L says:

    Such a touching commercial. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you & JC a quick & safe delivery! Can’t wait till the little guy makes his entrance!

  9. Susan L. says:

    Would love your thought process on decorating the cover of an album— especially something like your new embroidered Cut & Paste album. For instance, what type of embellishments, title letters (size, font style), etc would you choose? Thx Amy!


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