Babymoon part 1 | Thailand

With the baby due in just 4 days and being homebound since August, I’ve been daydreaming about our July babymoon and realized I never posted the photos. We spent 6 of the 10 nights in Thailand.

Our first stop was Bangkok. It was my 3rd time there and JC’s first. The other two times I had been, I stayed in hotels on the river, most recently the Sheraton. As big and loyal fans of Starwood Hotels, we chose the gorgeous St. Regis. It was a 400 baht fare from the airport (about 12.50 USD) and because we were sort of in a daze, JC tried to give the driver 5000 baht (thinking it was 500). Thank goodness for honesty, the driver chuckled a bit and gave back most of the bills. We checked into the amazing room and rested a bit before heading down for an amazing breakfast. Considering we spent 2 nights in the city and didn’t stay up long enough for dinner, our 3 buffet breakfasts more than made up for it. Totally random, but any meal where you can have a eggs any way you want it – (just one benedict please) to fresh sashimi to bacon to dragonfruit to freshly bottled juices and the best tea I think I have ever had, is amazing to me. St. Regis Bangkok breakfast St. Regis BangkokWe rested up in the room and then took the train that conveniently had a stop connected to the hotel. We got off at a stop within a block of where we caught a boat to go sightseeing. The Grand Palace and Wat Pho – home of the Reclining Buddha were enough to see considering the heat and crowds. The Grand Palace BangkokJC + Amy in BangkokAfter we probably got ripped off with a taxi ride back to the hotel (at least it was air conditioned) we had some lunch by the pool. We then had The Chinese Tailor pick us up for JC’s fitting. If you’re in Bangkok for more than a day, you can get custom suits, shirts, and dresses made relatively inexpensively. This was my second time to The Chinese Tailor and I must say their service and quality is amazing – don’t let their website fool you. JC ended up having 3 suits and 5 dress shirts made that we had shipped back via DHL. The next day we took the train just a couple stops to Isetan where I enjoyed drooling over the washi tape. Then I met JC at Kinokuniya where we stocked up on some books. washi tape & the chinese tailor BangkokOther highlights included hanging out by the pool, seeing my products with American Crafts at Loft (a must stop for any stationery lover), my manicure and pedicure within walking distance from the hotel, and relaxing in our hotel. Next time we’ll try and stay up to visit the night markets and maybe even enjoy a dinner in Bangkok.

Next we were off to Phuket where we stayed at in a private villa at the Amanpuri. It was heaven and easily the most relaxing part of the entire trip. We were pampered and after getting over the initial surprise of them unpacking for us (yes, they did!) we adjusted quite easily to the best service we have ever had.Amanpuri villa Amanpuri villaAmanpuri pool Amanpuri pooloutside our Amanpuri villafood at the Amanpuri Our sightseeing and leaving the resort was limited to the Big Buddha, which is still under construction. On our way up to it we saw elephants and monkeys, and I was able to snap a photo on the way down. view from the Big Buddha Phuketnear the Big Buddha Phuketimage_1Highlights in Phuket included consuming as many mangosteens as possible (this may be my favorite fruit ever), the Thai tea I had each morning – super sweet, but oh so yummy, relaxing and reading by the pool, JC going golfing at Blue Canyon, taking the buggy down to the beach, seeing a couple hermit crabs, having a masseuse come and do a 90 minute massage outside the villa (JC got a 60 minute one), every single meal we had at the villa, and just being completely pampered at the Amanpuri. And yes, we are already dreaming of taking this baby there in a couple years.

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  1. Jewel says:

    Great photos! I have been to Thailand twice since the January and I can’t wait to go back but now that we moved back to the States, it will probably be a while before we can visit again. My daughter said that I am obsessed with Thailand, I just love the culture, people and the food!

  2. Diamond says:

    Thank you for sharing! Looks like you both had a wonderful time….Love Thailand such a beautiful place to visit……can’t wait to go on my trip so looking forward to getting away. Love xx

  3. JULI C says:

    Sounds and looks amazing! I’m hoping to one day go to Thailand too.
    Wishing you a smooth delivery, can’t wait to see your baby! =)

  4. Paige Evans says:

    UH-MAZING photos! You guys sure knew how to have a babymoon! My dad lived in Thailand for two years when he was 19-21 and I’ve always loved looking at this photos. His favorite animal is an elephant because of Thailand – elephants are in their house everywhere now! Next time you go, I’m tagging along :)

  5. Cathy L. says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos, looks like a wonderful trip! I can’t imagine seeing elephants and monkeys like that!

  6. Cathy L. says:

    P.s. my daughter likes Snapple’s Peach Mangosteen drink. I didn’t know mangosteen was a fruit, I thought it was just a fancy name for the drink!

  7. Debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing your photo’s. What a lovely place. My husband is going in 2 weeks for a conference, and I chose not to go. :(. I will live through his photo’s!

  8. Patti McHugh says:

    When I go to Thailand, my first request is a big (11×17 copier paper sized) box of mangosteens! I can never get enough of them. My husband and I plan to go back to Thailand when we have our first child hopefully in 4-5 years. It’s always fun to visit! Phuket is a must! I stayed at my dad’s condo in Phuket 4 years ago, but I visited during the rainy season. Boo!

    I actually asked my aunt and cousin to pick up some washi tape and cute stationery supplies for me from Isetan after I saw your picture. Can’t wait to get them when my aunt comes to visit in a month!

    Great pics and thanks for sharing your beautiful babymoon. :)

  9. Pauline Parker says:

    Thailand is my next most favourite place after New Zealand, where I live. I love the people, food and culture of the place. We have has four visits there and I would also recommend Koh Samui and also Aunang….it is beautiful and quiet there, just stunning. Now you have thrown Scrapping stuff in the mix I may have to go back again, but that will be after Vietnam! Good luck with the baby will be thinking of you, as I feel like I know you a little after meeting in Christchurch this year.

  10. Cathy L. says:

    Thinking of you today, Amy. Hoping everything goes well with the delivery of your baby boy. Can’t wait for an update!

  11. Mari says:

    Hi! Love your photos! My husband and I have a trip planned to Bangkok, Krabi and Chaing Mai in August and recently found out we are pregnant. Would you say it’s safe for a pregnant woman to travel to Thailand since there are so many Mosquitos?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Mari, Congrats!
      Since I traveled there when I was 30 weeks pregnant, I would say it’s safe. I only got a few mosquito bites and used Aman bug spray a lot. I love Krabi – my favorite place was the Tubkaak Resort.


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