One of the random things I do when I travel is take photos of funny signs. Since I am under doctor’s instructions to stay within an hour radius of the hospital until the baby is due, it seems like a good time to play catch up and reflect back on recent travels. When we were in Barcelona in May, I snapped these on my fannyHalf of these have to do with butts – which just makes me giggle. My plan for the blog is a bit haphazard, which is how it started. But it will include reflecting on life, currents, paper goodness, more of what you’re used to seeing along with some surprises thrown in. Hope you’ll come along for the ride. Kisses & Fun!

7 Responses to signs

  1. Linda in Aus says:

    Oh wow 1 hour radius how exciting for you all and probably now the bathroom needs to be a five minute radius (my least favourite part of being pregnant)
    Any journey you take us on whether little or big will be wonderful.

  2. stacie d says:

    Love these signs you captured. I love to do the same. They’re the little things that get me giggling later!


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