How this layout came together

As a surprise for my baby shower, JC’s family sent 4 photo albums to my BFF so that she could create a banner from old photographs. Then there was a handwritten note to just get the albums to us to have. I am really sentimental when it comes to this stuff, but JC isn’t so much. At one month away from our baby’s due date, I made a layout of him at a month old using the Studio Calico Double Scoop Scrapbook kit and the stamp from the Project Life kit.DSC_1193 DSC_1194 DSC_1195 DSC_1196 DSC_1198 DSC_1199 DSC_1201My plan is to include JC’s mom original typewriter journaling (which is rather hilarious, by the way) in a sleeve next to this layout.

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  1. Liz H says:

    Love! Did you make copies of the pictures or did you use the originals? I have so many old pics that I want to scrap, but never know if I should copy them or use the originals (some I have negatives for, others I don’t). Even if I make copies, I’m hesitant to mess with the originals, but don’t want a whole bunch of extra pics laying around.

  2. Charity G. says:

    What an awesome gift, and I love the idea of doing a layout with his pictures. I’ve got a handful of my husband’s childhood. It would be so neat to have more and be able to look back and see how much our boys look like him.

  3. caz hancock says:

    Awesome gift and I love the layout.

    I was talking to my gran on skype the other day and she was saying she had found some pictures of me as a baby with my papa, now I have one picture from my childhood so this makes me very happy. She is going to go through all of her albums and send everything to me :)

    Oh and Lucy’s teacher had a little boy on the 30th, Thomas and he was 9pounds :)
    2 boys in one week :)

    Hope you feeling OK girl.

  4. Linda in Aus says:

    Love the layout Amy, what a treasure trove it must be looking through those albums. My husband was the baby of four children so by the time he came they were over taking photos so there are not that many.
    Love that stamp waiting not very patiently for it to arrive and i am off to Spotlight this week to do some you know what shopping, yay it has finally arrived.
    Hope all is going well and that you are getting some rest.

  5. Hermalyn Leonard says:

    I, too, enjoy someone’s view from time to time. A lesson in history when it probably didn’t feel like such a big thing back then.


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