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As it turns out, much of my Project Life lately has had an aspect of travel. I imagine many of you may be in the same boat as the summer season is well underway. To make it easy, I had my photos printed with Persnickety Prints, and once I got them, I slid them into the pockets right away. It made it easier to fill in the blanks and visualize embellishing the photos, and in turn making this spread come together pretty quickly. Another thing that helped was keeping the journal and memorabilia all together. A full supply list can be found on Two Peas.travel_PLAnd to hear about my thoughts and see the process of this coming together, check out this video.

Project Life Travels | copyright Two Peas In A Bucket

4 Responses to Project Life on Two Peas

  1. Sue Kelley says:

    I am wondering how you can only put so few photos from a trip. I always have a ton. What do you do with the others? I do project life but I do it monthly instead of weekly.

    • Amy says:

      I will use the others for scrapbook pages and maybe fill in some of them into the mini book. Though I take a lot of photos, I am pretty selective about the ones i print.

  2. Jessica Toulmin says:

    I always get so inspired watching your videos. I love watching how easily and beautifully you put it together, what you actually include, what type of products you use. Love it. Thank you!


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