Paper Tales San Diego

PaperTalesA couple weekends ago, mommy and I drove down to San Diego in massive traffic – it took 3 and half hours to get there when it should only take 2 and a half – on a Friday after lunch. But it was all worth it because I got to teach with Kelly Purkey at Paper Tales the next day. PaperTales2PaperTales_LawnFawnPaperTales_SCPaperTales4PaperTales6PaperTales3Michelle and her awesome staff do such a great job with the space. It was my first time seeing the store expansion, and it was so nice teaching in the classroom. It truly is one of the cutest stores I have ever been to. The whole place looked lovely, and it was nice seeing so many familiar faces as well as meeting new ones.PaperTales5aPaperTales7PaperTales7aPaperTales7bPaperTales7cPaperTales7dPaperTales8And if you are on Instagram, there are a bunch of photos posted using #amyKPsandiego. We’re already talking about another class in the fall (it could be the baby’s first road trip!) with the new collection, which will be debuting at CHA in Vegas at the end of July. You can always check the sidebar for upcoming classes/events. Stay classy, San Diego!

12 Responses to Paper Tales San Diego

  1. Taniesa says:

    That store is beautiful! So are the instructors! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!! Can’t wait for the next time your in my area so I can take one of your classes, Amy!

  2. caz hancock says:

    You know I am jealous right? I so wish I could have been there, especially to see the new part of the shop. Oh and Lucy would die for that cute little pink kitchen set.

    Hi Gina!!!

  3. Chiao says:

    Love Papertales store Have lots of unique goodies,provide an excellent customer service, I was so excited to meet all wonderful ladies!


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