Incorporating memorabilia into Project Life

I have a confession. For some reason I feel the need to collect business cards from most of the places I visit. They usually get thrown into a pocket of my purse, and then get piled up onto my desk when I clean that purse out. I also love ripping things out of magazines and saving them for a future project. The only problem with all of this is when it comes time to moving, I am dealing with stacks of paper without a place to go. And I am torn when I have to throw these things out. It’s a pretty ridiculous thing to get all worked up about. But we are moving into a new place and something has to be done. So I am making smaller piles, throwing stuff away, and just calling it a day. Basically trying to make as small of a “keepers” pile as possible. That business card that should have been immediately adhered to that mini book I made 3 years ago but wasn’t? Chucking it. The itinerary from our Playboy Mansion tour from 4+ years ago that I was saving to put into a mini album or onto a layout on the other hand? Keeping it.

All of this just makes me love Project Life that much more. A place for all the little bits I want to keep. And if it doesn’t fit in, then I give myself permission to toss it right out. Please tell me I am not the only one who agonizes about this. You can watch how this Week 24 spread came together and see the full supply list here.AmyTan_PLweek24

Incorporating Memorabilia into Project Life | copyright Two Peas In A Bucket

15 Responses to Incorporating memorabilia into Project Life

  1. L.B. says:

    Thanks for this video…I just started PL and love how you use the thicker embellishments in pockets on right on top of your pages. Great inspirations

  2. krys72599 says:

    What I’m happy I learned is using the 4×6 PL sleeve as a base for a collage of smaller “stuff.” I never thought to do that! I was thinking 4×6 photo, 4×6 card, etc. I’m so excited to add dimension to my pages!!!

  3. Mariko Brown says:

    It’s inspiring to see you in action! I love your color scheme. I still have a stack of magazine pages for “future use” that I ripped in the mid 90’s when moving for college. Amy, I’m so motivated for scrapbooking after taking your class in SD. Thank you so much! I just wonder what the straw was for in the package. A drinking straw, that is.

    • Amy says:

      Ha, Hugh does love his scrapbooks. In fact they were looking for someone full-time to work as the archivist, but the pay was not good at all.

  4. Kellee says:

    I am TOTALLY that person who has stacks and stacks of memorabilia…I’m not as brave as you (yet) to throw those years-old items away that didn’t make into a project. Thanks for posting…very validating that I’m not the only one who keeps those bits and pieces for someday. I love that I now have Project Life to put the things in for today….just daunting to go back in time to figure out what should go where!

  5. Debra says:

    It’s crazy, but I’m one of those people, too. The scary thing is, my 6-year old son just thinks I save everything…I’m afraid I’m turning him into a pack rat! Hahaha. Fine line between “trash” and “memorabilia” some times. It’s definitely a pickle with time and space.

  6. youngmi says:

    i always love your PL pages. mine never look as interesting :) though i do love to save tiny bits especially business cards! i was in LA a couple of weeks ago and ate at a bunch of delicious restaurants but the majority of the places didn’t have business cards! who doesn’t have business cards?! has yelp made them obsolete to everyone but scrapbookers?

  7. Diamond says:

    Your videos are always inspiring and you makes it look so easy! Yes I love collecting business cards too, they are perfect to use in any project!! xx


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