Playing catch up

In case you missed the last Project Life video I made for Two Peas In a Bucket, here it is. PLartsyWeek 15 | Copyright Two Peas In a Bucket. It was fun mixing manufacturers and adding an artsy touch.
I got home from Australia on Monday morning and 48 hours later I am already on another airplane. Staying in the country this time, but traveling and being away from home can be a bit tough. I crammed a bunch of catch up into the last day and half. Managed to finish another PL spread:Project Life by Amy TanDSC_0991DSC_0992Supplies from Two Peas In A Bucket.

I also got started on a new one using Kelly Purkey’s awesome April/May kit, which had these awesome alphabet stickers in it. Posted this on Instagram and found out that the alphabet stickers are indeed available separately, and I plan on stocking up.The April/May kit that I am going to finish playing with when I get back next week is sold out. But that’s why I am giving you ample warning so you can grab the June/July kit. And shop for her other amazing goodies exclusively at Simon Say Stamp.

5 Responses to Playing catch up

  1. caz hancock says:

    great spread as always, and i had loved the video last week.
    I know what you been about it being hard, while in CHCH i emailed Gaz on the Saturday morning saying i feel like crying LOL it is lame i know but in 15 years i had never travelled alone, and i really missed him. This is weird as he is away half the year but i am fine when i am home as i have all my things around me KWIM? Glad i did make the trip though as i loved it but it was good to be home.
    have a safe trip


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