PL Week 4 + calendar date stamp in action

projectlifebannerFor the most part, I am an optimistic person who looks on the bright side of life. Focusing on the positive and being grateful for all that I have (and all that I don’t) is usually the way to go. Some days, however, things aren’t that easy. Week 4 was one of those up and down weeks where I experienced some amazing highs (my dear friend spilled the beans that she got engaged!) and some interesting lows (a bit too personal to go into detail about here). Out of the 7 days, there really only were 4 that were rough. And when I look back on it, things weren’t really even all that bad. It was a trying and difficult week 4 days. But we pulled through, and I am glad it got documented. It was really therapeutic to get it all done. And how funny is that girl flipping the bird on that postcard? Yup, that about sums up how I felt about the week. Amy Tan PL Week 4Blog FooterBecky’s got a bunch of amazing (and happier) creative team layouts on the blog today. I used the Project Life Core Kit – Seafoam Edition and a mix of fun scrapbooking supplies. In case you missed it, I showed on Two Peas how to add embroidery to your PL pages in the newest Project Life video.

Also, Jennifer McGuire has an awesome video using our Calendar date stamp – perfect for Project Life, scrapbook pages and cards too!

14 Responses to PL Week 4 + calendar date stamp in action

  1. Megan Smith says:

    Thanks for keeping it “real” Amy. That’s what PL is supposed to be about, right? It’s not all sunshine and roses. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? :)

  2. Kathleen Ducharme says:

    Down weeks are just the pits ….. but it sure makes one appreciate the good weeks even more.

    Hope this week is going better for you!

  3. Suz says:

    Amy, So sorry you had a rough week. Here’s hoping you have a much better one and continue to keep your positive mindset.
    Take care you,

  4. amanda says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you had such a trying week! I love how you chose to document that, but also to look on the bright side. Your layout is gorgeous!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for showing people that in order to have a Project REAL Life, you need to include the good times AND the bad times. I share it all in my PL; I’d hate for future generations to think that I lived a fairy tale existence that isn’t achievable.

    I hope that you have moved past your rough four days and have been feeling better about whatever was upsetting you.

  6. J3SS1C4 says:

    Sorry to hear you had a rough week, they suck!… Hopefully things have gotten more pleasant for you again! I love the postcard you used, very fitting!

  7. ARC says:

    I think the way you noticed that it was “only 4 days” proves you are an optimist and resilient. Here’s to better days ahead. I definitely think PL should encompass both the good and the bad, though of course privacy is important too. We keep our album out in the living room, so I wouldn’t journal every last detail.

  8. Beth P says:

    Well if it wasn’t for your opening statement about it being a rough week I wouldn’t have thought anything of it ❤ It looks lovely and I suppose the whole idea of PL is to document your life – and sometimes it just isn’t all that exciting or easy…but you have made it !! and you will look back and remember these times with the beauty of hindsight and maybe laugh about it, maybe not. But it is real life. Thank you for sharing a difficult week for you and showing everyone, even you (!) don’t live in a drama free world ❤. Hope the weeks ahead are better ❤❤❤

  9. MP says:

    I love the honesty behind this post and the PL page. I sometimes worry that I only document the “happy moments” in my PL album. This is healthy reminder that we all have good days and not-so-great days and there’s a place for both in Project Life. Thanks, Amy! Here’s to hoping for better weeks ahead!

  10. Heather V says:

    I appreciate you showing “real life” in your album. I think it’s so important to document the good and the bad, and it makes us appreciate the good that much more. I hope your weeks since have been much better!

  11. Gisela says:

    Focus on the good days and you will notice a big change, something God taught me and I’m trying hard to follow. Great page and love the new calendar stamp.


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