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When I was in Utah last month (and it snowed a lot!), I had the pleasure of visiting My Craft Channel to film a segment with Kristine McKay. It was so fun (one of the words I noticed that I overused in the segment and in life in general) to be on her show, My Craft Studio. You can watch it here, and here:

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos taken by one of the in-house photographers at American Crafts. She accompanied me and the marketing assistant to the shoot. Thank goodness they were along for the ride, because I realized in the morning that I had never driven in such snow before.Amy Tan at My Craft ChannelAmy Tan at My Craft ChannelAmy Tan at My Craft ChannelAmy Tan at My Craft ChannelThanks so much to My Craft Channel for having me on the show!
The Signature Series launch party continues. Today there’s a big prize pack from American Crafts up for grabs. Details on the Northridge Publishing blog. Good luck!

7 Responses to My Craft Channel

  1. Ruth G says:

    Super fun (there, I said it, too!) I thought it was a great segment! I think it’s awesome that your kits try and make doing the great sewing that you do on your LOs easy for anyone who’s interested! Thanks so much for all the inspiration and great products!

  2. Cathy L. says:

    I love this video, and that color looks great on you! My box of goodies from TwoPeas should be arriving today… Can’t wait!


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