Olá Brazil !

Estou muito contente de vir para o Brasil para dar aulas. Vai ser a minha primeira vez a estas cidades (eu fui para o Rio de Janeiro antes), e eu estou muito animado. Desculpe, eu realmente não falam português, mas graças ao Google Translate, eu sou capaz de postar isso para você!

Translation: I am delighted to be coming to Brazil to teach classes. It will be my first time to these cities (I have been to Rio De Janeiro before), and I am very excited. Sorry I don’t actually speak Portugese, but thanks to Google translate, I am able to post this for you!Eu já receberam notas de algumas pessoas que reservaram seus lugares, não posso esperar para ver todos vocês em breve!

Translation:I have already received notes from some folks who have booked their spots, can’t wait to see you all soon!

25 Responses to Olá Brazil !

  1. Marina Haddad says:

    I am making a huge effort to go! I really would love to meet you and also learn more from and with you! I hope I can make it…

  2. hera sugitani says:

    Hi Amy! Here in Brazil we are so wisful to meet you and learn the beautiful things you do. You will love Brazil, for sure!
    Waiting for you and your wonderful art…
    Hera Sugitani – Londrina – Brazil

  3. Kátia Cris says:

    Oh my God!!!
    I really want to meet you and learn with you.
    I love yours projects!

    So, I don’t speak or write English too. And long live Google Translate!!!

  4. Ana Lu says:

    Hi Amy!

    My English is not good too, but nothing that our hands can not help us to translate also …

    I’m veeeeeeeeery happy to join your class, and counting the minutes until that day comes!

    Glad you included Brazil in your tour and hope you have a very nice trip !!


  5. Daniella Pascarelli says:

    Hi Amy,

    I’m very happy to be on your class in São Paulo.I’m counting the days.

    See you soon!

    Best wishes,


  6. Surama says:

    Hi, Amy!

    I love your projects!
    I’d like to participate this meeting, but in this moment it is very expensive for me because I live in another city.
    I wish you success in the classroom. I hope have soon a new opportunity.

    Enjoy your visit to Brazil!

    Sorry my English, I’m still learning.

  7. patricia perez says:

    oh my gosh! i’m gonna cry! i am sooo excited right now, let me take a breath! wow! it’s so great to see Brazil being part of scrapbooking world!

  8. Tami S says:

    Amy Tan!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Br on your upcoming events!!
    I soooo wish I could meet you!! I just love everything you make and I’m actually trying to scrapbook while traveling for the first time (inspired by your trip to hawaii that I saw long time ago!!). I hope u have a great time in Brazil!! ;)

  9. Ana Paula Paes says:

    Already booked a spot in Sao Paulo’s class!!! I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to meet you and learn from you!!! You and your mom are so sweet!!! Can’t wait to see you and enjoy your trip to Brazil!!!

    • adriana esparta says:

      Hei hei! Welcome to Brazil Amy!!! My spot is also guaranteed already, in São Paulo. Anxious to see and enjoy you for one whole day, just for us…

  10. Mara Baumgardt says:

    Hi Amy!
    I’m counting the days to your class here in Porto Alegre!
    You will be very well received … I’m excited and counting the days for this meeting.
    Kisses and until the 22th!!

  11. Marcela Scarpa says:

    laughing about the google translate …! so kinf of yours putting some in portuguese! and everybody will get along, no problem!! we’re all anxious in here! See u in 26 at Sampa!!


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