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How cool is it that Beth finished her Project Life spread the night of my Morayfield Spotlight visit? Rather embarrassed to admit that I am still working on uploading photos to my computer from my trip. She is a huge fan of Project Life as are so many of the ladies who came to the store that day. They even have a group called Project Life Australia, and I feel lucky to have met some of the talented women. Thanks Beth for a wonderful visit and for letting me share your gorgeous pages! If you blogged about any of the Spotlight store visits, please leave the link in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Beth says:

    Oh look what I see just before I go to bed !! It was such an awesome day meeting and talking with you and our Project Life group…I was still buzzing with happiness from the day when I got home and did this. I must admit too that this is the only time the whole year I have Been up to date with PL. Thank you Amy for posting this on your blog. I am really chuffed ! :)

    • Michelle stokes says:

      Beth these pages are awesome, and yep our group is pretty amazing!!

      Amy you rock for sharing this!! Was an absolute pleasure meeting you in Geelong :)

  2. Jackie Sandberg says:

    Hi Amy, I told you I would leave a comment, it’s funny because tonight Im working on that week for my project life too. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Australia, it was lovely meeting you.

  3. Betty says:

    I agree the layout is just beautiful, the PLA ladies are great and I am still on a high from meeting you. Australia loves you, come back………Would love to see some of your pics Amy, safe travels.

  4. Lise says:

    Wow, it’s so exciting that you posted photos of Beth’s gorgeous layouts of your visit! And I can’t believe that 2 photos of me are on your blog – I’ve already printed out this blog post to put in my PL album! Thanks for the lovely memories Amy :)

  5. Trudie says:

    So happy to see Beth’s fabulous pages here, they are awesome! I just love this paper range and so far have created a PL kit, Day book and scrapbooked with it…… Love it!!!! You rock Amy Tan! :)

  6. IRENE says:

    Oooh I love the pages, they look gorgeous. The pictures are great, it looks like you ladies had a lovely time with Amy.

    Do you have a blog Beth?, because I would love to see more of your PL.

    Bye Irene from the Netherlands

  7. Beth says:

    Thanks Irene for your comments :). No I don’t have a blog (well I do but there is nothing on it!!). I loved doing these pages – they were so fun to do the same day we met Amy and this collection of Amy’s is so bright and funky it just all came together so easily. If I do happen to start putting things on my blog, I will let you know :). xx

  8. Dawn says:

    I love your Project Life posts and the way you approach the project. I am thinking of trying the project out next year. My question is how much time does it take to do each week and is it hard to do layouts in addition to Project Life?

    • amy tangerine says:

      Hi Dawn,
      When I was doing Project Life regularly, it took about 2 hours per week total to complete. Because of my hectic travel schedule this fall, I have chosen to just do layouts and mini albums instead of PL for now. Hope this helps!


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