let’s face it.

If you bring your baby to meet me, more than likely I will voluntarily hold them for perhaps longer than you (or they) would like. (Luckily, they tend to like the funny faces I make.) And if you decide to put one of my stickers on their heads, I will squeal in delight and take photos since it’s absolutely adorable. It’s all totally appropriate, especially when they say “how lovely” and “precious”.

8 Responses to let’s face it.

  1. Cathy L. says:

    My baby is 11, and I’m pretty sure she’d object to me putting any stickers on her forehead. But I’m sure she’d enjoy your funny faces!

  2. mandyb says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh little Amiee (bottom photo) looks so cute in that pic!!! she is just as lovely in real life…such a smiley and happy baby!!!
    we sure did have a great day with her…..and the rest of us really enjoyed meeting you Aimee…… xxxxxxxxxxxxxx from all your Kiwi fans

  3. Beth says:

    The littlest Amy Tan Fan !! Babies are pretty cute aren’t they – especially when you get to cuddle and play with them !! Charlotte (top photo) is adorable in this photo :). It really was ‘so lovely’ to meet you Amy and we all had a fantastic time meeting you at Spotlight in Morayfield, Queensland. It was such a fun day :). Thanks again for visiting us xxx


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