Project Life Q&A + Week 17

Week 17 and yup, you guessed it. Still loving Project Life. Though I attempted to do Week In The Life for the 3rd year, it didn’t quite work out as planned. And it’s ok, because this year is being thoroughly documented with Project Life. Although each week my system tends to vary, the basics are about the same. I try and do just a little bit during the week, and then the following week (usually on Mondays) it comes together and I make myself finish the previous week. I like to plan out all the printing of my photos of the week at once – and most of them seem to come from my Instagram feed. I print them at home and most of them come out to 2×2. As you can tell, I like incorporating the “stuff” from life – magazine clippings, business cards, food labels, etc. After doing this successfully for over 4 months (which is a total surprise and accomplishment), here are some tips that work for me.

1. My #1 rule:Use what you want. Make this project work for you. It’s your life and feel free to document it in a way that works for you. Don’t feel limited. I try and use my newest products (in an effort not to hoard them) along with a lot of stuff from my stash, including my PL core kit.
2. Go with the flow – When I sit down to work on a week, it’s  probably going to be a bit different than the previous week. Some weeks will have more photos, some will have more souvenirs and bits. I try not to spend too much time over agonizing over what I have an what I don’t. If there’s a lack of photos and stuff, then I can always supplement with fun supplies from my stash.
3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – I don’t pre-plan too much when it comes to color. As I flip through my pages, I have noticed that I like bold accent colors, especially yellow and teal. Matching colors to photos is a good start. If you choose to use a color not seen in photos, keep in mind you can use the same product (patterned paper for example) in a few different places on your 2 page spread so the colors tie in nicely. I don’t like to stick to one collection entirely. I find it much more fun to mix it up and use elements from collections that complement one another.
4. Try new techniques – I love the little journaling card slots. The size is 3X4, which makes for a perfect little canvas to experiment on. If there’s something you’ve wanted to try, like watercolors, misting, stitching, anything really – sample it on one of these cards. Remember, there are no mistakes; just happy accidents.
5. Focus on just getting it done – Documenting some weeks will go by more quickly than others. Sometimes I struggle with a lack of photos or inspiration from a certain week. I remind myself that the whole is more important than the sum of its parts. It’s important to remember that years from now it really won’t matter that I didn’t have the perfect embellishment or I wasn’t happy with the way the watercolor turned out on 1 journaling card. I will enjoy and relish as I flip through the delightful pages and realize it’s a good life – a life worth documenting. And I’ll be super happy I did it.

Here’s how I got this week done:

Supplies: Studio Calico exclusive stamps, Weekdays stamps, Heidi Swapp Petite Paper pack, Daydreams Thickers, Sketchbook 6X6 paper pad, Studio Calico 6X6 paper pad, mostly from Two Peas in A Bucket, some from the local independent stores I visited recently.

I love everything Ali Edwards does, including Project Life.  I am thinking I need to sign up for her new 31 Things class at Big Picture. Another class that I am considering is Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong with Amy Powers.

You can see all my Project Life posts here. In case you missed out, Project Life photo pocket pages are back on Amazon. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. How are all of you doing with Project Life?

15 Responses to Project Life Q&A + Week 17

  1. Laudicia says:

    Hi. I really love what you do. I can’t get enough of these bold colors ! They are so full of energy. I love it all :) Thanks for the inspiration (it goes all the way to France). Bye.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    I so agree about Project Life! I am hoping to start here in June and run for a calendar year.
    But I definitely have a plan about how to make it work for me :)
    And looking at your pages, I now think I need those days of the week stamps :)

  3. Christine Newman says:

    Hi Amy! Totally agree with your philosophy regarding Project Life! It has taken me 4 months to come to the same conclusions, LOL. I’m fairly caught up as I have 18 weeks done now. It is all on my blog. Also, just wanted to say that I’ll be at Paper Tales this Sat in SD and can’t wait to meet you in person and make some stuffs! :D

  4. Whitney Paddock says:

    I love love love your approach to Project Life! Your layouts are so beautiful! I try not to compare my PL layouts to everything I see online…because MY Project Life is MY Life. I may not have all of the mad scrapbooking skills you have, but I do like what I do, and I love trying new techniques. I’m currently about a month behind, but I’m trucking along and will hopefully be caught up by the weekend :)

  5. Karina K says:

    I love your project life album! Its so full of color. I started doing it this year and I am so happy that I have stuck with it! I do my album from Saturday to Friday so I have time to get the pictures printed and work on the album on the weekend or else I would never do it!

  6. sophie says:

    hey Amy! thanks for sharing your process. i, like everyone else, love the mix of color you use week in and week out. looking forward to what’s to come next for you. thanks!

  7. Victoria Martin says:

    First don’t read my blog. Last entry was in January… Umm anyway your PL is stunning. I tried the Dec Daily and lost doing it around Dec 14… Wierd…. Then I got several papers from Simple Stories and all the page protectors. Cut them up put all the months in and then the days for each slot and now who knows where that thing is… I sooo can’t do the daily thing. I probably could if I did it in a Diary before bed time….Then scrap it all or should I say compile it all NEXT YEAR!!!.. I am isuper impressed at anyone who actually keeps up with it and blogs on it DAILY!!

  8. Kat says:

    I love love love your PL album. I’ve decided to document a trip PL style and am bringing my album with me. What are your must-have supplies that I should bring with? (besides your sewing machine – that won’t fit in my suitcase!)

    • Amy says:

      What a fun idea! If you are able to prep before your trip, I would highly recommend putting cards from your core kit, or cutting down papers from your stash in the pockets. You can always move them around, but better to have it somewhat planned. Also bring a small pouch with plenty of adhesive, small travel scissors and your favorite embellishments (stickers, labels, etc). Also, I always travel with a couple great pens. Collecting stuff from your trip to include in the pockets will be so much fun!

  9. Alyssa says:

    Project Life isn’t my thing (just feels like pressure to do something every day), but I love what you’ve done with it. Love the colors you used!


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