major catch up

Oh dear. I was doing so well keeping up with my weeks, but then work and travel and life in general got crazy and this project was neglected. No worries though – I played some catch up over Easter weekend and sped through getting some major things and photos down without too much worry about the nitty gritty details. As a natural collector, plenty of goodies made their way into the little slots. Week 12:

It was a wonderful and busy week with work and Craftcation and then some major spring cleaning and shopping, as well as the Nascar race. Many of the photos I took at Craftcation ended up on a layout for my Collect & Create class, so I didn’t feel the need to be redundant and have them here as well. And the note from JC is funny because I am still reading Cutting For Stone. (Book titles are still supposed to be underlined, right?) Anyway, the copy I got from the library is large print and almost 1000 pages. It’s gigantic and I must complain about it every single night. I am enjoying the book, however the large print seems like it’s more difficult for me to get through for some reason. Makes no sense, but it’s true.
Week 13:

Supplies: new Studio Calico 6X6 paper pads, Crate Paper, lace tape and other goodies, mostly from Two Peas in A Bucket, some from the local independent stores I visited recently, and some from my monthly Studio Calico kit.

Also, we have a new exclusive with Two Peas featuring travel scissors and all kinds of fun bits- Amy’s Favorites mini kit. Thinking of a strategy where I take a mini kit with me along with some Project Life sized cards for journaling on my next trip so I don’t fall so far behind again. Thanks for looking!
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20 Responses to major catch up

  1. Cathy L. says:

    How sweet that JC gave you the book in normal print! I read a Stephen King novel recently that was HUGE and complained about lugging it around too!

  2. Anna.B says:

    Like your crafts and ideas a lot, they are amazing! Can't wait to get the "Sketchbook camera album"! Omg…when will they hit the store??

  3. Kelly Jo says:

    I would love nothing more than to sit down with a cup of coffee and turn the pages of your PL- they are so awesome online,I just want to turn the pages myself!

  4. Caroline says:

    fabulous pages, i too fell behind when Gary was home for 16 days, i sat last night and organized my pictures for wk 13 and wk 14 and will order those today and get stuck in when they come :)21 sleeps to Disney land :)

  5. amytangerine says:

    Anna B – the camera album should be hitting stores in a few weeks. Apparently the 1st batch flew off the shelves, so hang tight. I will definitely blog about it when I see a source online! also, be sure to keep hounding your local stores! thanks!

  6. lauren says:

    your album is so fun & colorful! love it! it was neat to her that you went to the sprint cup race! do you go each year?! my boyfriend races out here in new england…it sure is a lifestyle [as opposed to a hobby!]. i love it, though! :) *

  7. Kelly Jean says:

    Really loving your Project Life. I wish I had time to participate. I might try it next year.Also, I'm in a Book Club with a bunch of senior ladies and for some reason, I often get the large-print book. It is hard to read! The font is too big for me.


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