and just like that

The shortest month is already done. We’ll call February fabulous, fast and fun. Still loving photo-a-day. Along with Project Life, I am thinking this will be the most well documented year of my life.  Here’s detailed information on how I put together my collage, which is now super easy since the flickr app is working on my iPhone. January seems like so long ago. Is it just me or is time just flying by? Ready, set, March.

11 Responses to and just like that

  1. Jennifer Cowan says:

    Yeah someone else likes Chelada besides me!!! I get made fun of ALL the time for drinking it but I love it! I went as far as mixing Clamato juice with O'Douls when I was pregnant.

  2. ccledbetter says:

    Love the pic of your little dog and JC having a stare-down! Too funny!!! February did go way to fast, but now we can look forward to Spring! And, my daughter has begun her countdown until the Hunger Games movie!!!

  3. Michele H. says:

    You are so right that time is flying by! Your collage is sa-weet. That font is perfect. Love flickr for these types of collages too. Hoping to have my Feb. collage done today:)


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